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Amazing Carnitas & Other Specialites

Michoacán Carnitas

At its simplest, carnitas is pork meat fried in pork fat, but what makes it special is the way that it’s cooked. Our chef, Joaquin Acala, has spent almost 30 years perfecting this classic Michoacán recipe. The result? A perfect consistency of crisp pieces mixed with some of the juiciest, most flavorful pork you’ll ever have.

Our carnitas absolutely stands on its own and is often ordered that way or with jalapeños and onion, but it’s also incredibly mouth-watering in our burritos and tacos.

Pig graphic representing pork carnitas at El Nido - Danville's best Mexican restaurant

Hand-Crafted Chicken Soup

This definitely isn’t Campbells and it definitely hasn’t been sitting in a pot all day. We construct our chicken soup the moment it’s ordered. We hand chop our flavorful, slow-cooked chicken, add vegetables to the grill to soften them up and get that grilled flavor and finish with a well-seasoned broth directly to your bowl. We’d say we like it more than Grandma’s, but she might read this.

Graphic showing the perfect chicken noodle soup recipe - representing El Nido's homemade chicken noodle soon in Danville, CA