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Danville Mexican Catering

From group lunches, corporate events and house parties, to full-on, small or large-scale weddings, we pride ourselves on bringing the same amazing food and hospitality to you and your event that you would find at our restaurant.

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The Food

Menu 1: The Classics & Meats

Choose 3 items from the "classics"
2 "classics" and 1 "meat" dish
Classics Dishes

What Type of Enchilads?

What Type of Burritos?

What Type of Chimichangas?

Meat Dishes

10-19 People - $10.95/person | 20+ people - $9.95/person

Includes rice, beans, chips, & salsa
All meat dishes are served with corn or flour tortillas

Menu 2: Finger Foods

Includes Chips & Salsa (hot or mild)

25 people - $140 | 50 people - $210 | 75 people - $260

Sides & Extras

(10 person minimum)